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Daily Slop: A Plethora of Redskins/Cowboys Predictions and Updates


Monday Night Football: Redskins meet Cowboys
"He looked good," tight end Jason Witten said. "He took charge and made all the throws. It was good to get those practice reps in."

Twitter / @MrLandry30: Gm WORLD!!! Went to sleep ...
Gm WORLD!!! Went to sleep and woke up to the Isley Brothers(pandora) relaxing bc I to damn wired

Top seven 'MNF' games in Redskins-Cowboys rivalry | Kevin Dunleavy | Cheers & Jeers | Washington Examiner
1. Redskins 14, Cowboys 7 (1973) " In the first Redskins-Cowboys "MNF" game, Ken Houston calf-roped Walt Garrison at the 1-yard-line, preserving the victory.

Jaws' Expert's Take: Redskins vs. Cowboys
"The Cowboys through the first couple games are getting no movement on their oline. They’re just not a very good team right now and they’ve got issues. This is an area the Redskins can handle them."

NFL - Are the Washington Redskins legitimate contenders? - ESPN
"The Redskins aren't just any 2-0 team according to our metrics. No, they are the least efficient undefeated team through two weeks: their total DVOA ranks 13th at 11.6 percent. All of this suggests that Washington is the best candidate for "Team Most Likely to Regress."

The Official Blog of Chris Cooley: Rally for the Cure 2011
A great event every year. Several players show up and you can easily talk to Cooley and anyone. Only $65.

Anthony Armstrong eager for another shot vs. Dallas - The Insider - The Washington Post
"Hopefully I get a lot of opportunities and get to score in Dallas this time, in front of my mom and everything like that," Armstrong said. "That would be fun."

Redskins bracing for Cowboys’ aggressive defensive front - Insider
"He’s aggressive and he’s all over the place," Shanahan said of Ryan. "He’s going to try to confuse you. They do a lot of different things and you never really know what to expect. It’s not like they do the same thing week-in and week-out. You have to see how they are going to play you and you always have to be ready to watch the defense and be ready to adjust from the first play on."

Redskins-Cowboys: Tony Romo ‘good to go’ - The Insider - The Washington Post
"If DHall is blitzing, that means he’s not covering," Romo said. "So we’ll attack his guy he’s covering."

The Redskins Blog | The Fashionable Focus On Fred Davis
Fred Davis wears skinny jeans. His pump up song is Blacked Eyes Peas.

The Redskins Blog | Injury Contingencies In Place For Monday
Shanahan talks about game-planning with injuries.

Even healthy, Romo can't carry Cowboys by himself | Gil LeBreton 
"Romo's greatest strengths, however -- his confidence, his elusiveness -- are also his highest risks. The Cowboys' offensive line remains a unit in transition. Book it -- Romo is going to get tackled again."

Rick Snider: All of this chatter helping to renew Redskins-Cowboys rivalry | Rick Snider | NFL | Washington Examiner
A rivalry takes two teams, but lately it has been a one-sided.

The Redskins Blog | The Good Doctor Is In the House
Video of Doc Walker riling up a packed Redskins bar in Dallas. Very awesome.

The Redskins Blog | Talking Heads Weigh In On MNF
Roundup of ESPN personality predictions.

Redskins-Cowboys preview | John Keim | Washington Examiner
The Cowboys haven't run well at all (2.3 yards per carry), and one reason is the lack of push they get from the guards and center. Dallas is fortunate that center Phil Costa can play along with guard Bill Nagy

Video breakdown: The Giants burned the Eagles badly two straight years on the same exact play – Blogging the bEast

Michael Vick Suffers Broken Hand, Complains About Officiating -
Vick is out 3-4 weeks, which means he could miss Skins game after our BYE. Vick is 1-4 in his last 5 starts. I don't get why the Eagles didn't wait until mid-season to re-sign him, like the Redskins are doing with Landry.

Joe Gibbs reflects on the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry - The Washington Post
Gibbs: "It took me two games to hate the Cowboys and it was record was 15-15 and most of those games came down to the final play....I really enjoyed the rivalry" news: Tuning out critics, Redskins' Grossman confident he'll succeed
"He really has no clue when it comes to anything being said about him," Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said Sunday night. "He doesn't watch SportsCenter, and he doesn't know what is. He watches HBO sitcoms." (Also mentions how much he learned from Matt Schaub with patience).

BTB Interview: With Jay Ratliff, And Jason Garrett, It's All Business
Ratliff: "We're looking at it as just the next game."

Asomugha becoming face of failing defense | Courier-Post | 
But it was a pair of misses by Asomugha in Sunday’s crushing 29-16 loss to the Giants at Lincoln Financial Field that has him quickly becoming the face of a failed defense.