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Daily Slop: Stephen Bowen Has Cut Off Cowboys Friends; Romo's Lung Has Healed (It's a Miracle!)

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Redskins: Kerrigan is learning in a hurry | John Keim
"The first game he was trying to beat the tackle and not trying to get the sack," defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said. "The second game he was trying to get the sack and not worrying about the tackle. He's not the kind of guy who will run by people all the time. He's 270 pounds and 6-foot-5. He needs to use the combination of speed and power."

Injury report: 7 Cowboys (all starters) sit out practice - Real Redskins
Miles Austin (hamstring) and Dez Bryant (thigh) were out as were center Phil Coasta (knee) and guard Derrick Dockery (knee). Quarterback Tony Romo, Felix Jones, Orlando Scandrick,.

HomerMcFanboy " redskins still not ready for primetime
Since 2000, the Skins' MNF record: 3-11 and Redskins have lost their last 4.

Tony Romo's lung injury appears to have healed, source says - ESPN 

Dexter Manley: Redskins should take out Romo’s other rib - DC Sports Bog
"You’re supposed to [target injuries]. Football is a game of injuries and it’s a game of fun. You have to take advantage of all those opportunities. Like I said earlier, football is the land of opportunity, and that’s part of the game....And I like that guy [DeAngelo Hall] if he wants to go after this guy [Romo] and take his head off. Take out his other rib if he can."

Next Up For The Cowboys: Video Review Of The Redskins Last Game - Blogging The Boys
The enemy scouts our game vs Cards.

Week 3 picks - Peter King -
Predicts Cowboys win. PK got all his picks last week correct but 2.

Chris Cooley has Beanie Wells on his fantasy team, but not Fred Davis - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
"Fred, until I guess right now, he believes that he is my starting tight end [on my fantasy team]," Cooley said. "Any time he makes a big catch in practice, [he says] ‘fantasy guy!!!!’ I actually did try to pick him up in the first week, and I guess I have a pretty smart league and somebody had already picked him up.....

The Tape Never Lies: Previewing Cowboys vs Redskins on MNF | Goal-Line Stand | Blogs |
The most in-depth Cowboys/Redskins preview you'll ever find. Can someone give me a synopsis?

After years of turmoil, Redskins are ‘boring’ winners _ and that’s OK with them - The Washington Post
"It’s boring," linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said with a smile. "That’s the way it should be. That’s how good organizations are run."

Rex Grossman believes that he has the best receivers in the NFL - Shutdown Corner 
"I trust all of them," Grossman said in mid-September. "This is the best receiving corps in the league, in my opinion, from top to bottom. Everybody's a great player. Anthony Armstrong can do special things. He's fast, so he gets people off him. He can make big plays, Santana's great, Jabar's great. So, everybody has a role and collectively, they're one of the best."

Jarvis Jenkins says ACL recovery is ‘coming along’ - The Insider
"You’re going to see a transformation. … It’s going to be a good time to get my body right and take advantage of this opportunity," Jenkins said

Mark Schlereth mocks DeAngelo Hall’s comments about Tony Romo - DC Sports Bog
"Why would you come out and say that? You’re just making yourself a target."

Stephen Bowen says he can’t hate the Cowboys - DC Sports Bog 
Former Dallas defensive lineman will go back and face his ex-teammates, but he says ‘I don’t hate anybody.’

Kitna on Romo: 'Fully expect him to play'
"Tony certainly had his examination [Thursday] and everything is ... as we would hoped it would be and expected it to be relative to his lung status,"

The Redskins Blog | Bowen Cutting Off Cowboy Friends
Bowen hasn’t spoken to his former teammates at all. "No, no, not at all, I’m definitely take the Tim [Hightower] approach," he said.  "I don’t want to give them a vibe for how we feeling, I don’t want to give them any kind of intuition into anything."

The Redskins Blog | Alexander Saving Chatter For Gametime Hall just honest about targeting injured players "
"Any time you’re hurt, you have to understand they’re going to try to take you out of the game if they think that it’s going to help them win the game," Jones-Drew said. "As bad as it sounds, that’s what this game is about, getting a ‘W’ at the end of the day."

Cowboys Provide Big Test for Undefeated Redskins | NBC Washington
Cowboys lead the league in sacks with 10. Outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware has four of those.

32 Teams, 32 Observations – Week 2 |
Washington Redskins: The defensive line hasn’t helped much in the terms of pass rush, with just five combined pressures on 171 combined pass rush opportunities.

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan limited in practice for second straight day - ESPNSources: Michael Vick of Philadelphia Eagles cleared to play Sunday - ESPN

Week 3 N.F.L. Matchups -
Another Cowboys win prediction.