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Tony Romo Still In Obvious Pain

Tony Romo appeared on Showtime's "Inside the NFL" yesterday (video clip after the jump) to talk about the injury and the Jets, Niners games. In a comical moment, when Romo mentioned this is the first time he's had to sleep in a chair, Sapp interjected, "You haven't been married long enough....give it some time." Romo got a good chuckle from that and began to hold his side. I've cracked ribs before and everything Romo is going through is exactly what Cris Collinsworth mentioned, especially with the pain getting worse through the week.

In the chance Tony can play, he's already been fitted for a Kevlar protection vest, the same one Vick wore last year after DeAngelo Hall and Kareem Moore laid the wood on Vick at the goal line. The vest adds 10 pounds of weight, which certainly will restrict his mobility. Last year after the Skins won in Philly knocking Vick out, he came back next week to win at San Fran. I really don't know whether to buy this "punctured lung" non-sense. Brandon Banks was in the hospital for over a week with one and any Doctor will tell you it's impossible to play through that.

Either way, if I'm the Cowboys, I do not start Romo. Their offensive line got absolutely shredded by the Niners, so knowing Romo will be taking shots, it doesn't make sense to trot him out there. Doug Free, their prized Left Tackle, gave up two hits and six pressures to rookie, Aldon Smith. With Derrick Dockery starting at Left Guard, the Redskins surely will have a plan in place. I just don't see why you put your QB at long term risk in Week 3. Kitna won 5 of 11 games last year with a 88.9 QB rating, which shows it's not a horrible drop off. He did beat the Skins at home last year.

Save some time and jump to the 5:30 mark.