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LaRon Landry is Ready to Bring the Heat vs Dallas

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Brian Mitchell reported earlier this week that LaRon Landry was a go for Monday Night Football. The Skins' safety plans to test his hamstring "fully" at practice on Friday or Saturday, so barring any setbacks, he's in. Dirty 30 gave some fantastic quotes in the locker room today, which highlights his eagerness to get out there:

"I just can't wait to put my little ingredient in this defense. It's like a gumbo, and I'm the cayenne pepper and the Tabasco sauce. I want to come out there on fire...Unchain the beast." (H/T @Redskins)

Landry on his tackling sharpness coming back: "Tackling comes with an attitude, a passion. My attitude - I'm a hitter and I'm a tackler." (H/T @rich_campbell)

John Keim has more on this. Also, Josh Wilson still has a sore neck. Taking it day by day.