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Redskins Game Ball of the Week Goes to Fred Davis

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Each week we'll be giving out a Game Ball to a Redskin for their performance. What makes things interesting is that so many Redskins have contributed to each of our wins. It's hard to pick a clear cut one this week, but I'm giving it to Fred Davis:

  • Fred Davis: 6 rec, 86 yards, 40 yards (longest) 1 TD, 7 targets 
  • Roy Helu: 10 carries, 74 yards, 18 yards (longest)
  • Ryan Kerrigan: 3 tackles, 1 sack, 2 passes defended
I couldn't give Rex Grossman the ball due to some bad throws. The one INT was not his fault, but there was a prior pass that was extremely poor that should have been picked off. Grossman had a great game, but others had better. Fred Davis is spreading the field, which makes everyone's job easier.

And for all the Reed Doughty haters, he leads the Redskins in tackles with 17 (ranks 19th in NFL overall). Yes, people will point to coverage, but Laron Landry is not great in coverage either. Doughty is as good as a backup as any and it's easy to remember one bad play than all the other plays he plays his assignment correctly.