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Did Trent Williams Just Reveal John Beck is the Starting QB? (Video)

In a fourth quarter interview of the Redskins final pre-season game versus Tampa, Trent Williams answered a question from Doc about how he feels playing so deep in a 4th pre-season game:

"I mean it fell alright. We got our starting Quarterback out know....we just....Rex or Beck...I mean....We had to be out there."

I've been in the camp that Shanahan believes Rex is the starting QB until Beck proves he deserves it. All of the certainty from major media claiming inside knowledge that Shanny has already anointed Beck surely does carry weight, but Shanny loves mind-f*cking the media. What does everyone make of this video? I watched a pre-game interview with Tim Hightower and one could tell he was sincerely eager to learn who the starter is sooner rather than later so they can start building a repertoire. Bravo...smoke screens.