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Daily Slop: Fred Smoot Compares 2011 Redskins to Hogs Era


Redskins-Cardinals, best and worst - DC Sports Bog
Best Stat: Through two games, the Redskins have six penalties for 40 yards

Why the Redskins are winning - DC Sports Bog
Fred Smoot: "Anybody want to ask me what championship football is, it’s winning up front, offense and defense. The last time the Redskins had a dominating offensive line and defensive line, they won the championship, [with] the big Hogs and Charles Mann and the rest of those guys. Right now, they’re putting together a group that can win ballgames. See, we’ve always had the flashy names, the Fred Smoots, the Clinton Portises. But right now we’ve got old-fashioned football players, and right now, they’re playing Redskins football."

How great is this picture of Orakpo crunching Kolb?

TOP FIVE 2-0 starts for Redskins | Craig Stouffer
The Redskins started the season 2-0 for the seventh time since 1978. Only once in the previous six occasions did they fail to make the playoffs

Carlos Rogers - Stone Hands and Head - YouTube
Romo's pass hits Los in the head. I so don't miss this.

Redskins 22, Cardinals 21: Aggressive Redskins rally past Cardinals | John Keim 
Shanahan's risky call helps turn around game

Ten observations: Redskins 22, Cardinals 21 | John Keim

Video: Brian Orakpo is tremendously excited about this false start - Shutdown Corner 

FedExField: The Redskins Ask For Volunteers
Looking for fans to text or call disruptive behavior before it escalates.

Michael Vick of Philadelphia Eagles suffers concussion vs. Atlanta Falcons - ESPN
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has left the game against the Atlanta Falcons with a neck injury after being slammed into one of his own linemen late in the third quarter.

Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers - Recap - September 18, 2011 - ESPN
Romo battled through 2 cracked ribs.

Giants are having trouble in short yardage situations |
'It's on everyone,' offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride says