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According to Forbes, Redskins Tickets Re-Sale Value is 10th Best in NFL and TiqIQ, a ticket exchange company SB Nation recently partnered with, posted their findings of a study on the re-sale market of ticket sales. According to their findings, all 32 teams have a higher secondary market value. This surprises me given I have been a perennial scalper at events the last 10 years of my life and have seen thousands of empty seats across every level of Fedex.

I guess most people buy tickets days to weeks in advance, when prices are at their highest, but I found it shocking the Redskins were so high given last year the team was coming off the Jim Zorn era, in midst of a 6-10 season, and had a surplus of seats they could not sell outright. I mean...the Jaguars, who are consistently facing blackouts, have 125% resale rate?

Via our Redskins tickets portal, tickets for this week's Cardinals game start at $18 a pop!! Lower ball tickets start at $36!! That. is. absurd. I've contacted the author of this article for more info. Stay tuned.

The Top 10 list/prices after the jump: (Dallas is ranked dead last with only a 32% markup.

Team Secondary market/ Average secondary Average face
Delta value (%) market ticket price ($) value ticket price ($)
(1) Saints 259 268.84 74.99
Bears 216 295.17 93.55
Ravens 163 228.64 86.92
Steelers 160 193.17 74.32
(5) Packers 153 182.89 72.36
Eagles 151 173.13 69.00
Chiefs 135 161.07 68.44
Jags 125 128.85 57.34
Colts 111 180.40 85.34
(10) Redskins 111 166.77 79.13