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Ask London Fletcher a Question

I was contacted by the Sporting News for assistance in putting together a quality Q&A with London Fletcher, which I am happy to help with given the quality of this community: 

We have a feature in every issue of Sporting News magazine called 5 Questions, where we have readers submit questions for the athletes, then we take the questions to the athletes and publish their responses. We¹re always looking for more creative/insightful/provocative questions because they prompt the best answers, and those types of questions come from die-hard fans.

What types of questions are we looking for? They can ask about anything they want, on or off the field. The more nuanced, the better. Knowledgeable questions that will lead to smart, funny answers are the goal.

Comment below with your question, and if chosen, your Hogs Haven will even get mentioned in the publication. Let 'er rip.