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Week 2 Redskins Power Rankings

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Powerful image all around...
Powerful image all around...

Power rankings are always fun to read from week to week as the year goes on. I'm never sure how much stock to put in power rankings, if any at all. But it's always fun to see some kind of visual proof of progress for your team on weekly basis. With this being said, I'm going to try to condense power rankings from around the league into one post for everyone to digest.

Source This Week Last Week Comments
Com 19 28 Rex Grossman proved Mike Shanahan picked the right QB, at least for a week.
Fox-sports_medium Fox Sports 15 25 Yes, this is a huge jump for a team that has won only one game, but the Redskins displayed an improved defense and a solid running attack. Rex Grossman has a history of being inconsistent, but the veteran quarterback played well Sunday.
Sb-nation-news-1_medium 22 30  I make a crack about the Redskins starting QB Rex Grossman last week and he looks solid against the Giants. The NFC East gets a lot more interesting if the Redskins can repeat that performance.
Ovi_cbsports_icon_256x256_comp_v1-46x46_medium 14 24 Maybe the Shanahans knew what they were doing with Rex Grossman. He looked sharp. And that defense looked much improved.
Com 19 28 Rex Grossman proved Mike Shanahan picked the right QB, at least for a week.


13 22 Tight end Fred Davis looks like he's going to be a beast in the Redskins' offense this season. Davis said he lost about 12 pounds this offseason because he wants "to run all day" and be able to make the plays down the seam that the game's best tight ends make. He did that against the Giants, coming up huge several times during the course of his career-best five-catch, 105-yard day.

Football Outsiders 9 NA Power Poll 13 23 A strong peformance from the Redskins, who doubled up the Giants, resulted in a 10-spot leap for Washington and six-spot fall for New York.
Arizona Republic 27 31 I never thought Rex Grossman and the Redskins would manage to beat the Giants, but since they did, perhaps they deserve to be listed as the early favorite against the Cardinals this week. 14 NA 1-0 OK, so the Redskins aren't as bad as we thought.

Let me know if anyone else has a power ranking that they look at from week to week.