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Daily Slop: Mike Sellers Adjusts to New Role; Redskins Jump Up Power Rankings


The Redskins Blog | Week 2 Power Rankings Roundup
Skins rank anywhere from 14-20 on major media websites.

Dockett reacts to Hightower's 'guarantee' - Real Redskins
"Yoooo did this MOFO guarantee a victory?"

Steve Spurrier is pulling for the Redskins - DC Sports Bog
"And now Rex is up there [after Wuerffel and Matthews], and I’ve told people Rex is the best pure passer I think I’ve ever coached. He can throw the ball naturally. His ball comes out with a nice spiral, he’s got no wasted motion, he’s got that nice little hitch step where he hops and the ball zings out there and so forth. I watched him last Sunday, pulling for him and pulling for the Skins of course, and he really looked good."

Special teams play gives Paul edge as fifth WR - The Insider - The Washington Post
"We believe in all seven guys, otherwise we wouldn’t have had them on our 53," Shanahan said. "But Niles Paul, by far, has been a guy that can work on special teams. He’s been very consistent all the way through the preseason games and the way he’s practiced."

Antrel Rolle is delusional – Blogging the bEast
"We know that the Washington Redskins is not a better team than us.  I mean, we know that hands down.  If we played them 100 times, they might win 5. "

Shanahan: Mike Sellers still valuable despite diminished role - The Insider
"Mike Sellers will play a lot for us. Mike is exactly the type of guy you want on a football team. He will do everything possible he can to get ready on game day, whether he’s playing the tight end, [H-back], fullback and he’s going to play special teams."

Redskins introduce ‘Viva Los Redskins’ - DC Sports Bog 
In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Skins have a new Spanish-language anthem. And it actually rocks.

Kelli Johnson with Sellers and Young
Mike Sellers talks about passing the torch and there's no other way he'd rather go out than to a guy like Darrel, who's he helped mentor so much.

Skins at 20.

Alternate Footage Of The Cowboys/Jets Taser Fight
This newly-uploaded video captures more of the aftermath of the attack, beginning with an off-camera woman screaming to security, "Hurry up, he's got a taser!" It ends, as most Jets fan videos do, with the crowd chanting "asshole."

Teddy Bruschi Slams Ochocinco | Sporty Female
“Stop tweeting and get in your playbook,” Bruschi added. “If you’re in [the game] and you know what you’re doing and you execute out there, you don’t think it’s amazing. You know why? Because it’s what you’re supposed to do.