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Can the Skins Stop the Cards Passing Attack?

The Redskins will be looking for win number two this weekend, but they'll be facing a much different opponent this week. While the Giants were more of a balanced offense the Cardinals will look to the air to beat the Redskins. The Skins featured a slightly above average pass defense last week giving up 240 yards, over 8 yards per pass, no touchdowns, and reeled in one interception. While the Giants have solid wide receivers in Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham, the Redskins will have to elevate their game this week.

It's well known that new Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb likes to air it out, after all he is the first QB in NFL history to start his career with two consecutive 300 yard games. Kolb's mentality fits perfectly in the desert where he connected for over 300 yards and two touchdowns in his first game. We all know about Larry Fitzgerald, but it was Early Doucet who shined in the Cards opener. Doucet went for over 100 yards and caught a touchdown. The Cardinals also showed a solid two tight end tandem with Jeff King and Todd Heap on Sunday.

Despite Beanie Wells gaining over 90 yards last week, it's clear that the Redskins prime objective needs to be stopping the pass. So how do we do that? Can DeAngelo Hall or Josh Wilson match up with Fitzgerald? Absolutely not... and the notion of Reed Doughty having to match up with the Cards WRs makes me cringe. What the Redskins can do is generate a pass rush with Kerackpo and the rest of the front seven. Also, Laron Landry is back then the Redskins will have another vital pass rusher and can run some more exotic blitzes.

Also can the Redskins have a bad defensive game and get into a shootout? Can Rex operate in a shootout and not turn over the ball? That has yet to be seen. I'm expecting this game to be very similar to the Week 2 matchup last year with the Texans, although I expect the Redskins to come out on top this time.