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Fred Smoot Joining Twitter and CSN as In-Studio Analyst

Fred Smoot
Fred Smoot

Fred Smoot attended the Mississippi vs LSU game last week and gave a brief interview to the Clarion Ledger. Among a couple of the gems was that he plans to revive his role with Comcast SportsNet as an analyst. Let's just say this news makes me very happy, and Dan Steinberg extremely happy.

This weekend he plans to sign a contract with Comcast as a new in-studio analyst in Washington D.C. "They want to use my personality," Smoot said.

As for getting on Twitter:

"I'll probably end up being on there," Smoot said. "The Smoot smack is back. It won't be long."

Any guesses on twitter handles? @SmootSmack_CSN is the 9/5 horse.