Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League #1: Week 1 Review

The preseason alone had much action for Hogs Haven’s League #1:

  • Hurricane Irene resulted in draft-gate 2011, where Parks Smith and Travisjh86 were left with autodrafted teams that didn’t include any QB’s or defenses in a league where two of each can be started.
  • Ken Meringolo, as the original acting commissioner, created an irreversible roster set-up and scoring system that would confound even Isaac Newton. (For the record this is PPR; we start 2 defenses, but are not allowed a reserve defense on the bench; the points may appear inflated because of bonuses given to individual performace goals like passing for over 300 yards; and in free agency post-week-one, a waiver budget has been established).
  • Parks Smith took over as commissioner just in time to receive all of the blame and anger over the previous administration’s work.
  • The term "a-hole" was thrown around enough times over trade talk that the league is currently under investigation by the Yahoo authorities.

Week 1 had plenty of action, and when all the dust settled (and all of the Dallas Cowboys were finished choking), there were several great performances. Ken Meringolo sits atop the standings, and HogHunter and Diesel44 are nipping at his heels. Below are the highlights of all 6 match-ups (these reviews will be shorter in the future, but I wanted people to get an idea of who the players were on the various rosters):

Week 1 Results:

(Ken Meringolo) StupidSexyFlanders defeated (Travisjh86) Rusty Rectums; 299-167

In a fairly epic romping, Ken Meringolo defeated Travisjh86 by well over 100 points.Travisjh86, though impacted by the Hurricane Irene autodraft, managed to get over 42 points out of Rex Grossman- not too shabby. Strong showings by Miles Austin and Andre Johnson couldn’t overcome the fact that Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Jacobs, and Vincent Jackson simply didn’t show up for business. All in all, Travisjh86’s team is not too bad, but likely was just having a down week. As for the league’s current leader, Ken Meringolo, a 73+ point performance by Drew Brees, 41+ from Matt Forte, and a combined 70 points from his Detroit and Philly defenses proved to be too much for any team to handle this week, and as such he is the current top dog in these parts of the internet.

(Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg defeated (Parks Smith) RVA’s SilverBacks; 245-188

Shvd98v24 managed to hold off a surging Parks Smith (the other Hurricane Irene autodraft victim). Parks Smith made some crucial trades to upgrade his team including acquiring Joe Flacco (31+ points) and Stevie Johnson (16+ points). Unfortunately, Parks traded for Rashad Jennings prior to his season ending injury, and the "scrappy editor" fell just short with strong performances by Hakeem Nicks (26+ points) and Mike Tolbert (39+ points). I don’t think that anyone should count any team out at this point, because Parks Smith demonstrated how some key trades can significantly alter a team. As for the victor, Shvd98v24 showed how dangerous a well balanced team can be, getting significant production across the board: Josh Freeman (27+ points), Greg Jennings (21+ points), DeSean Jackson (29+ points), Adrian Peterson (19+ points), Devin Hester (17+ points), Fred Jackson (22+ points), and Matt Stafford (43+ points).

(preppiejack) Zimatose PreppieJack defeated (Cdavis627) Downfield Abstinence; 255-234

In what was the matchup of the week (the only game featuring two 200+ teams), preppiejack narrowly overcame the top scoring losing team of the week, Cdavis627. Preppiejack’s team was led by performances from Reggie Wayne (28+ points), Ray Rice (40+ points), MJD (21+ points), and Jay Cutler (36+ points), along with Tampa Bay and Houston defenses who combined for almost 59 points. Cdavis627 had big games from Michael Vick (33+ points), Jason Witten (24 points), Cedric Benson (30+ points), Reggie Bush (27+ points). Unfortunately for Cdavis627, his 47 point Baltimore defensive performance was offset by a MINUS 7 Steelers defense. All in all, this was a close matchup that came down to MNF, and if Reggie Bush had managed another touchdown with a few more receptions, this could have easily gone the other way.

(HogHunter) HogHunter defeated (Matt Lilly) Frerotte is Frreal; 289-148

HogHunter was amazingly able to overcome zero point performances from both Lee Evans and Nate Kaeding with a 79+ point performance by Tom Brady, 34+ from Orton, and a combined 97 (Yes, ninety-seven) point performance by his San Diego and San Francisco defenses. With any kicker, and a little better from the rest of the team, some would consider HogHunter to be this year’s favorite. The difference in this matchup was the defenses because Matt Lilly received a MINUS 25 point performance from Miami. His team’s poor showing from Ochocinco (2+ points) and the aforementioned defense, crippled his team despite having Philip Rivers, Percy Harvin, and Mike Wallace combine for 85+ points.

(ScottE) Osprey, 1-0-0 defeated (CarverM) The SexCannon Cometh; 216-154

ScottE’s team rode on the back of Aaron Rodgers (53+ points) and Chicago’s defense (51 points) for the win this week. Double digit performance’s from Mike Williams, Roddy White, Frank Gore, Tony Gonzalez, and Ben-Jarvis Green Ellis proved to pile on too many points for CarverM to overcome. CarverM got a disappointing 12+ and 10+ point performances from his quarterbacks, Matt Schaub and Sam Bradford respectively. Regardless, he had strong performances by Chris Johnson (26+ points), Ben Tate (26+ points), and Washington defense (37 points, HTTR!).

(Diesel 44) Diesel44 defeated (TheDeepBall) TheDeepBall; 281-198

Diesel44 had some serious big-hitters come out to play in Week 1: Kevin Kolb (42+ points), Darren McFadden (40+ points), Wes Welker (72 points), and Tony Romo (42+ points). Considering Owen Daniels and Legarrette Blount managed only 2+ points each, and his defenses (Cowboys and Giants) combined for a meager 35 points, Diesel44 has shown that he will definitely be one of the top teams in this year’s league. TheDeepBall had a strong performance with the second most points for a losing team. MINUS 8 points from the Chiefs’ defense, and Gano only hitting 3 extra points hurt TheDeepBall, but a lineup that included Brandon Marshall (35+ points) and LeSean McCoy (45+ points) as well as several underperformers (including Jamaal Charles at 18 points and Santana Moss at 13+ points) demonstrated that despite the loss, TheDeepBall will be a contender.

Key Transactions Prior to Week 1:

Parks Smith added Chad Henne.

Deisel 44 added Jordy Nelson.

ScottE traded Joe Flacco and Daniel Thomas to Parks Smith for Shonn Greene and Thomas Jones.

ScottE traded Vincent Jackson, Brandon Lloyd, Jahvid Best, and NE defense to Travisjh86 for Roddy White, Mike Williams, Jonathon Stewart, and Rashad Jennings.

ScottE traded Rashad Jennings to Parks Smith for Steve Smith.

Ken Meringolo traded Rex Grossman to Travisjh86 for Ricky Williams.

Current Standings (HH username, team name, record, points):

Division 1

#1 (Ken Meringolo) StupidSexyFlanders, 1-0-0, 298.67 points

#4 (preppiejack) Zimatose PreppieJack, 1-0-0, 254.95 points

#6 (ScottE) Osprey, 1-0-0, 216.14 points

#7 (Cdavis627) Downfield Abstinence, 0-1-0, 233.54 points

#10 (Travisjh86) Rusty Rectums, 0-1-0, 167.35 points

#11 (CarverM) The SexCannon Cometh, 0-1-0, 153.62 points

Division 2

#2 (HogHunter) HogHunter, 1-0-0, 289.19 points

#3 (Diesel 44) Diesel44, 1-0-0, 281.49 points

#5 (Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg, 1-0-0, 244.91 points

#8 (TheDeepBall) TheDeepBall, 0-1-0, 198.12 points

#9 (Parks Smith) RVA’s SilverBacks, 0-1-0, 188.09

#12 (Matt Lilly) Frerotte is Frreal, 0-1-0, 148.25 points