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Today Begins Our Inexorable March to Super Bowl Glory

Like gravity and Ravens fans, there are certain things in this world that you simply can't argue against. Whether it's an immutable law of physics, or an irrational, purple camouflage wearing neighbor to the north, you're better off slamming a window on your nads than trying to debate either.

After a solid preseason by YOUR Washington Redskins, there is another thing you can't dispute: this team is much farther along than we could have possibly imagined when the final whistle blew on the 2010 season.

We hoped the Redskins would get younger. Check.

We hoped the Redskins would rid themselves of unwanted distractions. Check.

We hoped we would make smart draft choices that are good enough to contribute right away. Check.

Even if it takes more than one season, this team is officially headed in the direction that good teams follow to championships.

Final score: Redskins 34, Giants 13

If anyone is coming to the game, stop by the barrier by the F31 pole and say hey. For everyone else, enjoy the game and have a safe 9/11 anniversary.