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DeAngelo Hall: "Barry Cofield Gave Us a Lot of Good Info on Giants' OLine"

It's amazing what happens when you don't go out and get blitzed on a Friday night. I woke up around 9am and pretty much completed my day by 10am. That's very much in contrast to waking up at 4pm, wasting thirty minutes finding my wallet, and texting four of my friends trying to figure out why I have a $125 bill from some club called "Modern." Regardless, I was flipping trough the channels and saw "Inside the Redskins" on NBC4 at 10am. I've definitely heard of the show, but let's just say it got the immediate DVR season record. 

It's a half hour show with Amanda Mitchell (right) and DeAngelo Hall talking Redskins. It's not fluff either. Amanda asks solid questions and handles herself like a a quality reporter. There's some Larry Michael (no "s") pre-recorded stuff mixed in, which is entertaining as well. 

Anyway, Amanda Ewoldt Mitchell asked DeAngelo about the Giants' running game always having our number. That's when DeAngelo dropped the gem:

"Barry gave us a lot of info on their Oline." (smiling)

Let's be real. Cofield is not one of those practice squad players you pick from an opposing team before a week 12 game. Cofield, who wears the former Giant and Redskin Cornelius Griffin's number, spent the last 5 years on the Giants and knows Manning's tendencies REALLY well. Deangelo Hall continued, and I'm paraphrasing:

"Losing O'Hara, Manning's center for a long time, is a big deal. We have some opportunities there."

Which means I expect to see the taser dance, in person, 24 hours from now. (I might need to add this to my cheesy wedding dance moves repertoire)