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Daily Slop: Redskins vs Bucs Game Previews; Doug Williams Turned Down Redskins GM Job


Tandler: Tracking 17 players on the bubble
For many Redskins players, tonight's game represents a last chance to make the roster. (Keiland Williams, Maurice Hurt, Darrion Scott, Brandyn Thompson and more).

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Washington Redskins: What to watch for - St. Petersburg Times
Tampa Bay media perspective.

Redskins vs. Buccaneers preview | John Keim  Washington Examiner
Keys to the game. (Determining DE depth with Jenkins out Keim nails).

Doug Williams turned down a front office job with Redskins - Real Redskins
Chose instead to be the head coach where his son plays (Grambling). I think it worked out nicely for both sides.

The Redskins Blog | Barry Cofield Admits He’s Looking [A Little] Past The Bucs
"I rushed some passes pretty well against Baltimore. On a scale of one-to-ten, if ten is a Pro Bowl level? I’ll say I’m at a seven."

The Redskins Blog | The Redskins vs. Rush-Hour Traffic
Team bus hit gridlock on the way to their team hotel (where they'll stay for every home game the night before).

Russ Thaler to host daily show on NBC Sports Network - DC Sports Bog
Former Comcast SportsNet anchor and Redskins Lunchbox, Hail Yeah! host (with us) is moving up to the big time.

Stephen Bowen's Emotional Family Reunion | NBC Washington
"He’s still going to be in the hospital for a little bit, but he’s made a lot of progress," Bowen explained. "He’s 4 1/2 pounds now. It’s just him being a little stronger." (Bowen has only held his son once).

Rookie lessons, long offseason helped Nick Sundberg - The Insider
"I spent the whole time in Phoenix, working with the guy that taught me how to long-snap and we went four to six days a week," Sundberg said. "As we got closer to the season, we went five to seven days a week. We snapped a lot of footballs. I think the repetition and consistency of getting more reps changes everything. You feel more comfortable doing it."


Peter King: Stop obsessing on 4-3, 3-4. A myth
Most teams play a hybrid.


Jim Haslett continues stressing limiting points, creating turnovers - The Insider
"One thing that’s never changed over the years is the team that wins the turnover battle usually wins the game. People have scored a lot of points, but haven’t won a lot of championships. But the No. 1 thing is, the team that gets the turnovers wins the game."

The Redskins Blog | Aldrick Robinson Still A Work In Progress
"I’m not making the most of the chances I’m given," he said.  "I don’t feel like I had a good camp, not a good preseason either, so hopefully I can turn it back around."

RJ: Training Camp Day 35 | Fatpickled
"Coach gave the traditional last pre season game speech. LettiN people know you’re not just performing for the Redskins, but for the entire league."

Thom Loverro: Vick cashed in on 'MNF' | Thom Loverro
Agree or disagree?

Rick Snider: Looking for killer instinct at the QB spot | Rick Snider
A split second could be the difference between quarterbacks Rex Grossman and John Beck.

Last round of Grossman-Beck duel tonight |
In 2002, Steve Spurrier's first season, the coach waited until the final exhibition was over to declare that Shane Matthews had won the starting quarterback job over Danny Wuerffel.

Darren Rovell's New Studio Show Has A Hotty Sideline Reporter
Everyone meet Erin Sharon...

15 Years After Skip Bayless Said Troy Aikman Might Be Gay, Aikman Fires Back With "I'm Not So Sure Skip's Not Gay"
The level of discourse was only raised by Aikman insinuating physical violence.

Arian Foster tweets MRI of hamstring, gets instant diagnosis - Shutdown Corner
Likely out a few weeks.

Chris Johnson of Tennessee Titans rips 'fake' fans on Twitter - ESPN
"I don't have a regular job so don't compare me to you and I can care less if u think I'm greedy...My titan fans taking it all wrong. I'm talking to the ones writing me racist Comments. I'm not call the Titan fans fake at all. #LUV"

Frank Gore signs his $21M extension with San Francisco 49ers - ESPNChicago Bears offer Matt Forte around $15M guaranteed, sources say - ESPN Chicago

Thoughts from Seattle Seahawks practice - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
Clinton Portis works out with Seahawks where his cousin, Josh, has been impressing as a rookie QB.