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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Leagues Formed

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Thanks to everyone who stepped up to participate in this year's Hogs Haven Fantasy Football leagues. Here is the program:

I took all the people that submitted their names and pulled them out randomly. We had enough names to create two leagues. I will be the commissioner of one league--comprising of as many of last year's players as possible, with some new faces. Someone from the second league needs to step up and be the commissioner in order for it to fly.

As you all know, we are using Yahoo this year which means free fantasy football. We can have as many leagues as we want. As long as we all use the same rules, we can even report all the scores from the leagues together and perhaps come up with a grand prize. We are all out of Danny Wuerffel and Adam Archuleta jerseys, so have no fear.

For the league I am commissioning (Hogs Haven FF #1 on Yahoo), here are the Hogs Haven usernames in the league:

Ken, The Deep Ball, Matt Lilly, CarverM, Parks, Travisjh86, cdavis627, preppiejack, Hoghunter, Diesel44, ScottE, shvd98z24

***Please confirm your spot in this league by emailing me at

For the second league we are fielding, here are the Hogs Haven handles:

jmpalomo, bwallace87, prc805, marc torrence, BermBurner, Jkitts84, wyler98, Rabid, Jonathan Pettibone, pmpott, hokie skin, milcmann

As soon as we have a commissioner (hopefully in the comments below), you will be asked to email that person to confirm your spot in that league.

First thing is first, let's get people signed in to their respective leagues. For Hogs Haven FF #2, I need one of you guys to step up and be the commissioner. Your primary duty will be to provide one FanPost per week giving an update of scoring to the Hogs Haven faithtful.

We will have a post outlining the scoring and rules, but here are a few basics:

This will be a points-based league, and we will be holding live, online drafts. The draft for league #1 will be on August 24 at 10 PM EST. Sorry for the late time guys, but you would be shocked at the absence of early evening options.

Please remember, if you want to play and be a part of the weekly trash talking on the HH Fantasy Football FanPost, there is plenty of time to get more leagues in the mix.

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