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Redskins Linebacker H.B. Blades Not Happy with Current Situation

Update: Apparently the tweet below does not mean Blades has been cut, only that he is unhappy and that the "writing is on the wall" as Grant Paulsen reported.

Blades is not happy about the news either:

Right is right wrong is wrong. Don't ask people to be loyal when ur not. It's been real dc appreciate ya

The Redskins gave Rocky McIntosh a $1.5 mil bonus, so consider his roster spot is safe. The current list of Redskins LBs are: Lorenzo Alexander, London Fletcher, Kerrigan, Orakpo, Rob Jackson, Obi Ezeh,  Edgar Jones, Eric McBride, Keyaron Fox, Perry Riley, and Markus White

Last year the Redskins carried 8 Linebackers on their roster. It appears the signing of Keyaron Fox, a backup ILB and special teams captain for the Steelers may make Blades' expendable. By my count the Redskins have 12 LBs on the squad now.