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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. It was hard hearing Robert Henson tell me about being waived from the team. He was the first player that we established a relationship with and he was a good man. It is hard sometimes as fans when you meet these guys out of college. You forget that these aren't grown men...the same way that most of us aren't grown men when we leave school. We are all just 22- or 23-year old guys still figuring life out. But the sheer size and strength of football players can sometimes give off a false sense of maturity. After all, at 22- and 23-years old, these players tower over me and most have a voice that makes Barry White sound like a soprano. And so when a guy like Henson makes the kind of mistake he made as a rookie over Twitter, it catches you a little off guard. I can tell you this about Robert Henson: he was incredibly disappointed in himself for the way he fell out on that Twitter incident and he invested a great deal of effort into learning from it. His injury last year could have destroyed his head. But he kept his nose buried in the playbook and gave himself a chance to come back by being an exceptional student of the game. Finally, when I woke up on Father's Day morning a few months back, the first text I received was from Robert Henson. He told me that being a good father was the greatest thing a man could be. I remain optimistic that we will continue to hear from Hen this year, and we wish him the best of luck in his career.

2. Sorry Malcolm Kelly...staying injury-free simply looks a lot harder for you to do than others. I can't see any way this guy makes the team at this point unless he gets back on the field and lights it up in a preseason game. But without practice reps, it is not likely that he can get that chance.

3. Tim Hightower Thought of the Day (THTD): The more I simulate the running back competition in my mind, the more I become convinced that Tim Hightower is going to be the starter. You all know how much I like Ryan Torain, and I am not suggesting Torain will stink it up this preseason. My prediction is just that Hightower will get an opening at some point when they are either resting or sitting Torain and he will never look back. He will make it impossible for Shanahan to play anyone else over him.

4. Don't worry about reports coming out of camp that Hankerson is making the circus catches but dropping easy ones in practice. First of all, I don't envision a plethora of "easy catches" this season for any of our receivers. I think our quarterback will be making his decision to throw this year similar to the way we all decide to make our way to the rest room after our morning coffee and a night of chili dogs. It is going to be an emergency and people better WATCH THE F OUT BECAUSE IT'S COMING AND THERE IS NOTHING GOD OR ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT! Insert your own analogy between bowel movements and our offense here.

5. Anyone own a Jarvis Jenkins jersey yet? That is going to

6. To put a bow on the "Malcolm Kelly Going Away Party" planning session, Niles Paul is looking like he can make this team. I have to believe if the choice came down between the two, Shanahan would keep Paul and cut Kelly, right? I want to know if anyone out there is giving Kelly more than a 10% chance to make this team right now.