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Redskins Sign former Seahawks Tackle Sean Locklear

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The Redskins need depth at Offensive line, and they just signed the former Seattle Seawhawk. Here's some details on him:

  • 2004 3rd pick for SEA, 6'4, 310lbs, Turned 30 in May
  • Via Grant Paulsen: Sean Locklear started at RT for Seahawks last season: Started no fewer than 10 games every year since 2004. 97 games, 78 starts
  • Via Grant Paulsen: Locklear played guard in college and has spent some time there in the NFL. WSH was in desperate need of OT depth. He may compete at OG too.
  • Had a horrible season last year according to the SB Nation Seahawks website
  • No, the Seahawks probably will not sign Locklear, since he played like one of the worst offensive tackles in football last season
  • Pro Football Weekly charts Locklear for 2.5 sacks in 16 games in 2010. He did, however, give up 4 holding penalties. He also had 2 false starts.
  • He's like the reverse Stephon Heyer"Locklear is a very solid pass blocker and a poor run blocker." That article makes a good point that the 'Hawks interior OLine was horrible. Either way, he's a decent backup at this point for what the Redskins currently have.
  • From PFF: Sean Locklear
  • Locklear was our highest rated right tackle in pass protection last year, though he followed that up with a negative grade in his run blocking abilities. An extremely frustrating player, he pulls from the tackle spot and gets out into space with upper echelon athleticism but so often doesn't consistently show that. Could be a steal for someone.
  • He took a paycut in 2010 to stay with the Seahawks.