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DC SB Nation: Friday Training Camp Recap

It wouldn't be proper to send everyone off to Happy Hour on anything but a high note, so here's Hogs Haven Editor, Daniel Shiferaw, recapping today's events:

Newly acquired running back Tim Hightower showed immediately why the Redskins may not miss Ryan Torain much. On the opening play of 11-on-11 drills he was able to take one to the house after bouncing an inside run to the outside. Hightower runs extremely hard, so hard that it makes you wonder if the only reason he's been able to look good in practice is because he's going full speed and everyone else isn't. They are just in shells, after all. But what's clear is that Hightower is someone who runs with good balance and doesn't look like someone who is easily tripped and he doesn't look easy to tackle. That's a major plus for what this team had a year ago.

It's still early. but the Redskins' fifth round pick Niles Paul is consistently getting open in 11-on-11's and is making the tough catches look routine. He's been especially adept at reeling in catches thrown high and behind him. One of the knocks on Paul was his freakishly small arms and hands, which seem to be disproportionate to the rest of his big body. But despite those limitations, Paul has been able to stand out so far as the most impressive rookie wide receiver. If he can keep this up, the coaching staff will have a very difficult decision come cut day.

If you want the negatives from camp, injuries and the details of Hightower's fumbilitis, feel free to review that report on the DC SB Nation site.