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Roster Battle: Kicker

Hopefully this is a scene we will not revisit in 2011.
Hopefully this is a scene we will not revisit in 2011.

This is likely to be Ken Meringolo's favorite "Roster Battle" yet. First off, let me say it is really great to see so many position competitions in camp this year. It seems like there is a competition at nearly every position, and we keep hearing the word "competition" not "controversy".

One of the position battles that will be highlighted starting next week when we take on the Steelers is at the position of kicker. Graham Gano is coming off an abysmal year where he was statistically the worst starting kicker in the league. Many Skins fans feel as if our record would of been a lot better last year if the kicking game would of been solid. Gano still feels confident about his job.

"I have a year under my belt now and I feel good, I made an adjustment and I’m very confident about it. Coaches are happy about it. I’m ready."

Shayne Graham is looking to re-establish his career as a starting kicker in the NFL. He was limited to being an injury fill in last year for the Patriots and Giants, after being the guy in Cincinnati for seven years. Graham is a Virginia native and went to Virginia Tech, so he may get more of the fan support during camp.

This is certainly a hard race to handicap, but:

Graham Gano (6): The Only reason he gets a six, is because he seems to be Shanny's guy. A lot of coaches would of thrown him to the wayside mid-season last year. His mechanical change could cause more harm then good, it'll be interesting to see.

Shayne Graham (4): Graham was a perfect 12 for 12 last year and he'll need to continue being perfect to make the squad.