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The Worst Redskins Free Agency Review I've Seen This Year

Update: So in his seething review, I missed two things. Sharp actually compliments the Skins for avoiding Hasselbeck & VYoung, and the Skins threw in a late-round conditional pick for the Hightower/Holliday trade. I still stand by my response though.

SB Nation has a lot of quality writers on their platform, that's why I was shocked to read Andrew Sharp's Free Agency Review for our beloved Washington Redskins:

To the Washington Redskins... Whaa? Mostly, the "whaa?" here centers on the lack of horrible moves from Dan Snyder this offseason. Sure, they supposedly offered more money than the Jets for Santonio Holmes (and still got turned down), but they didn't go out and sign Matt Hasselbeck and/or Vince Young, and they didn't sign three washed up running backs like last year. Things could be a lot worse for 'Skins fans.

But since we're here, we might as well note that they drafted two running backs this year, but still decided to trade another draft pick for Tim Hightower this week. Likewise, they've got three promising young wide receivers, but rather than let them develop in a rebuilding year, they went out and signed Brandon Stokley, Dante Stallworth and traded for Jabar Gaffney. All minor moves, but reassuring, too; the Redskins may be quiet this year, but they still have no idea what they're doing.

Also, they signed a punter who's currently exiled in Australia.

And here's my response blasting him.....

You are seriously misguided on the Redskins....

- First, Brandon Stokely is not on the Redskins

- Second, the Redskins did not trade a draft pick for Tim Hightower, they traded Vonnie Holliday (34 year old DE they were going to cut anyway).

- Third, the only way the Redskins can get a FA QB to DC is if they overpay for him. What's the point of doing that when the QB has zero time to learn the system. VYoung has the mental capacity of a fruit fly and Hasselbeck is injury prone. Neither makes sense.

- Fourth, Sav Rocca will be at Skins camp on Monday. He's a veteran, quality Punter...what's the big deal?

For once, the Redskins are building their team from the bottom up and saving that cap space for when they are ready to make a run. If that's not a sign Dan Snyder is not running this team I don't know what is.

If you're going to be the like the rest of mainstream media and pile on the Redskins, at least do your homework.