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Redskins to Wear Alternate Jerseys in 2011?

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Last year I made a very poor decision in buying a Donovan McNabb jersey. I have to admit my motive to buy it wasn't because I particularly like McNabb, but more to run in Eagles fans face once their castaway took us to the Super Bowl (a man can dream, right). Well as we all know, that didn't work out to well and now their are some inner city youth children in Richmond rocking a fresh McNabb and Portis jersey.

I've been anxiously/frustratingly waiting for the Redskins to release new player jerseys this year. Currently you can buy Haynesworth, McNabb, Kelly, Horton, Portis, and Banks jerseys on the online store, but there is no sign of Kerrigan, Jenkins, Hightower, Helu, Hankerson, or others. What the hell Redskins!?! Anyways, I routinely check also to see if they have any new Redskins player jerseys, which you can't but you can buy a Terrell Pryor jersey (WTF REDSKINS!?!?).  Today when I stopped by the NFL site I noticed they had some new arrivals for skins fans. No not new players, but an alternate jersey.  Sure it's not the most exciting jersey, but it looks like Bruce is trying to turn back the clock even more and I would expect the Skins to be wearing these jerseys on September 11 (pure speculation).