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Daily Slop: Video of Malcolm Kelly's Career Highlights; Atogwe's Hamstring Acting Up Again


Malcolm Kelly’s Career Highlights | Fatpickled
Video lasts 6 seconds and is the play that I fully gave up on him (no speed).

Twitter / @JReidPost:
Dan Snyder not Vinny Cerrato drafted Malcolm Kelly.

The Redskins should never use a high draft pick on WR again - DC Sports Bog
Washington hasn’t successfully picked a wide receiver in the draft’s first two rounds since Art Monk in 1980. 7 busts.

Malcolm Kelly interview on Lavar and Dukes
There is a lot more come out according to Malcolm Kelly. He plans to tell his side of the story "in the next couple of days" but he insinuated the Redskins rushed him back. You can listen to that audio here.

Collinsworth: Leaning toward Beck |  Washington Examiner
"[Players] that don't take the sacks, that don't fall off their back foot and throw interceptions, that know where the check down is, that sort of believe there's nothing wrong sometimes with a punt...I just think that ultimately John Beck has that sort of discipline -- or he did have that sort of discipline in college [at BYU] -- and now with Mike and Kyle Shanahan, I think he's the right fit."

Depth is critical along the Redskins’ defensive line - The Washington Post
"We feel good about the group we have," said defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. "It’s a shame that we lose a guy like Jarvis. but these guys will step up and play well."

Redskins notes: Bowen eyes reunion; Atogwe sits out | John Keim | NFL | Washington Examiner
Bowen's wife and two children will join him in Virginia on Tuesday. His twins (June 28) were born premature and one of them died 10 days later. Atogwe sat out practice yesterday with sore hamstring.

Loudest of the Redskins: High-gear special teams coach Danny Smith commands the field - The Washington Post
ASHBURN, Va. — Danny Smith is the loudest member of the Washington Redskins. Wins the title hands down.

Royster still living a dream | Craig Stouffer | NFL | Examiner
Local running back fighting for roster spot.

HomerMcFanboy " ryan kerrigan becoming ‘complete package’
"That dude is getting so much better so quickly," said linebacker Lorenzo Alexander. "It’s not even funny. His learning curve has been awesome. He’s already making plays in the passing game, in the run game and putting pressure on the quarterback. He’s definitely becoming the complete package."

The Redskins Blog | Cleansing Stephen Bowen Of The Cowboys Stain
A fantastic video from week 1...I can't believe I forgot to post this.

Concerning Mike Shanahan’s changing hair color - DC Sports Bog
After Redskins message board posters got to wondering about the coach’s dye jobs, I figured I should collect some images in one spot.

Poor preseason doesn't worry New York Giants' Eli Manning - ESPN New York
Eli Manning isn't worried about his preseason numbers. Blogs " Blog Archive More details on Vick’s contract "
2011 – $10 million (plus $3 million roster bonus and $7 million signing bonus) 2012 – $12.5 million 2013 – $15.5 million 2014- $15 million (plus $3 million roster bonus) 2015 – $14.5 million (plus $2 million roster bonus) 2016 – $20 million (but will likely be voided)

Chad Ochocinco sleeps underneath a whole bunch of fish - Shutdown Corner
Some solid pics of the Ocho domicile. Portis had a similar bed.