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Hogs Haven on The Robert Wuhl Show--Rex Grossman Still in Driver's Seat for Starter's Job

I had a chance to talk with John Ramey from The Robert Wuhl show about various Redskins-related topics. This was taped about a week and a half ago, so pardon any dated references. We will be joining Wuhl again on the air in the next week or two to discuss the latest developments in Washington as well as our feelings about our divisional rivals.

I love how John is in HD and looking all dapper and my screen is yellow-tinted and the sound and video aren't lined up. I am sure that is due to something I did or didn't do on my end. My at-home Skype studio needs some remodeling. The one thing I am especially proud of is the team picture from the 1937 Washington Redskins in the background. Turk Edwards, Sammy Baugh and company really pulled this piece together if you ask me.

Though the video is a week old, nothing has changed my mind that Rex Grossman would have to lose the job in order for John Beck to be named the starter. I hate the argument that we should start John Beck because we know what Rex Grossman would give us off the bench. The decision (if the decision wasn't already made as I claim it has) would have to come down to which quarterback gives the Redskins the best chance to beat the New York Giants. I believe that is Rex Grossman.

We shall see.