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Hogs Haven Fantasy Preview - Part 1 of 537 Part Series

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round SB Nation today, sites are breaking down their team's fantasy performers. Lucky bastards.

I love fantasy football. I take the building of fantasy teams very seriously. When I look at the Redskins, I struggle to answer the following question: In a 12-team fantasy league, how many Redskins fantasy players could pass as legitimate #1 starters? I think there is only one and that is Chris Cooley. I think Chris Cooley is the only guy we have that you could argue is in the top 12 at his position.

But that does not mean our favorite real football team can't add value to our favorite fake football team. If you select them at the right point in the draft, you could score some real value for your fantasy team. Here are five guys that will likely prove their worth before the end of the season for fantasy owners.

  • Santana Moss -- As good as Moss has been for us, he is no longer a #1 receiver in fantasy football. He is a great complement to a roster that already enjoys having one of the top studs in the league. If you participate in an auction draft, don't blow your budget just because he wears burgundy and gold. That said, when he has good years, they are usually of the 80+ catch, 5+ TD, 1,000+ plus yard variety. If you are in a position to add a second-tier player in the middle of the draft, you could do worse than Santana Moss.
  • Anthony Armstrong -- When our quarterback had enough time last year, Anthony Armstrong proved capable of stretching the field. He is a decent #3 or #4 fantasy option, assuming he is starting Week One opposite Santana Moss. Do yourself a favor and don't have both Moss and Armstrong on your team.
  • Fred Davis -- Not many leagues make it attractive to hold two tight ends, but if you can afford to stash a guy at this position, Fred Davis could be one of those huge second half players. I am not predicting a Cooley injury or anything bad like that, but something tells me that this is the year that Fred Davis blows up.
  • Tim Hightower -- I think both Ryan Torain and Hightower will play this year, but Hightower's size and rushing style are bound to impress the coaches this preseason. Shanahan might not commit to just one running back for a season, but he does like to feature a guy in a game. I predict a couple of huge fantasy performances out of Hightower this season.
  • Rex Grossman -- In a 12-team league, it is hard to see Grossman as even a #2 guy at the moment. But if you look at the potential that the quarterback in this offense has and you believe in the comfort level Rex has in it, it is hard not to consider among the top 25 signal callers in fantasy football. If you're lucky, your starter will have his bye week at a time when Rex is in a zone. Oh God...please don't bank your fantasy season on Rex finding his zone.
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