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Washington Redskin Rebuild--4 Days Without a National Headline

I thought three days was a long time. Real quick--

The Carlos Rogers era is over, as Rogers is taking his talents to the West Coast. If I could offer one piece of advice to always remember: Not at the table, Carlos.

Sorry Joe Theismann...Rex Grossman is the starter. As far as Kyle Shanahan is concerned, a hotter girl has agreed to go to the dance with him. He might string along the less attractive John Beck for a little while--just in case. But there is nothing stopping this Rex/Kyle thing from happening. It is funny because they can call it a "quarterback competition" and EVERYONE believes them because...well, because it's Rex Grossman and John Beck. This contest is more fixed than a house at the end of an episode of "Holmes on Homes." (I also considered a Bob Barker/neutered dog joke here.) The fact that we are even talking about John Beck being in this contest is a testament to Mike Shanahan's smoothness.

Finally...I get it Philly. You can have any free agent you want. They all think you're the hottest team. You're turning free agents away. But signing Ryan Harris when you KNOW I wanted him was just...mean. He was the only one I REALLY wanted and you just had to take him. When you guys lose to the Packers in the playoffs, I will be even MORE satisfied now.