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Daily Slop: D.C. Media Roundup and Reactions from Ravens Game


Jarvis Jenkins suffers knee injury - The Insider
"I was doing a stunt on that side, and I seen the running back cutting back," Jenkins said. "So when he cut it back, I kind of reacted to him. I had my hands on the lineman trying to throw him. I threw him, and I tried to plant at the same time and redirect, and something just popped."

Redskins hold their breath on Jarvis Jenkins' knee injury - WaTimes
"It didn’t look good. We’re all pulling for him, but we just don’t know," nose tackle Barry Cofield said. "It didn’t look good; it didn’t sound good. We’re hoping for the best."

NFL Videos: Redskins vs. Ravens highlights - Solid players will mask average QBs
When was the last time the Redskins' blocking wasn't an issue? It's not a sure thing now, but watching second-year left tackle Trent Williams bury Ray Lewis on Hightower's scoring run had to remind longtime fans not only of Chris Samuels, but of Joe Jacoby and Jim Lachey.

Jason Reid: It’s coming together for the Redskins - WaPost
COLUMN | The team’s body of work is limited, but so far the drama is gone and the improvement is showing.

Redskins defensive lineman Barry Cofield isn’t angry at the Giants - WaPost
After years of feeling undervalued by the Giants, nose tackle Barry Cofield is the foundation of a Redskins defense that expects to make big strides this year.

Matt Terl: Malcolm Kelly, Sadness And The Types Of NFL Failure - SB Nation DC
It seems likely that Malcom Kelly's career with the Redskins is coming to an end. Which is sad, but in all the wrong ways.

Ten observations: Ravens 34, Redskins 31 | John Keim
Rocky McIntosh remains a liability in coverage. This could be an issue this season, not just with him but also with Kerrigan.

Jurgensen: Redskins can win with Beck or Grossman - DC Sports Bog
Sonny Jurgensen says Donovan McNabb sometimes struggled to get his offense into the right formations, which prompted the arm band story.

Instant Analysis: Redskins-Ravens
- Late in the first half, rookie DeJon Gomes worked with the starters, replacing Atogwe. - Ryan Kerrigan. The up: a sack, the down: two neutral-zone infraction penalties. Young fella was eager to get off the ball. Both penalties came on third down.

Redskins Fall 34-31 To The Ravens " CBS Washington
Audio clips from Shanahan, Grossman, Moss, Beck, Hightower, T Austin, Trent, and Orakpo.

Battle for 'Skins QB: Grossman makes a strong case to start | John Keim
Beck's only completion against Baltimore's starters was his first.

Rick Snider: Grossman seems to take lead | Rick Snider | NFL | Washington Examiner
Beck showed his downside, taking a self-imposed sack (negated by penalty) before short-arming a third-down pass to Moss

Redskins lose wild one to Ravens, 34-31 - The Insider - The Washington Post
Rex Grossman finished 8 of 15 for 112 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions; John Beck was 6 of 10 for 108 yards with one score and one interception. Their ratings were close, Grossman at 99.9, Beck at 90.8.

Ravens Insider: Five Things We Learned from the Ravens 34-31 win over the Redskins -
It still baffles me how much they keep finding reasons to defend Flacco's suckiness.

Redskins cut DT Thomas Weaver - The Insider
Honestly, this is the first I've ever heard of this guy.

Looking at DeAngelo Hall from both sides - WaPost
Cornerback DeAngelo Hall returns an interception for a touchdown, but surrenders a critical big play to Ravens wide receiver Lee Evans.

Gruden: John Beck reminded me of Marc Bulger - The Insider - The Washington Post
"He reminded me of Marc when Marc was playing well with the Rams. But I probably wasn’t as high on him as the Shanahans. That’s the reason they’re coaching and I’m not. They’re smarter than I am." - Sellers getting more versatile with age

Source -- Indianapolis Colts looked at Matt Hasselbeck before Kerry Collins signed - ESPN
My $100 bet on the Colts 10.5 games under is looking pretty good!

Right side of OL is quite clearly the soft underbelly of the Eagles – Blogging the bEast
If you saw the Eagles preseason game last night against the Browns, you saw Michael Vick pressured and hit, early and often.

The Redskins Blog | Former Redskins Cheerleader Back In Town
Because she's so gorgeous, I'm giving her another day in the slop.