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3 Reasons John Beck Will Be Your Starting QB Tonight

Shanahan is playing the "game-time" decision rodeo with the media and fans for tonight's starting Quarterback, but it's obvious to anyone John Beck will be the starter.

  1. We already know Grossman's ceiling. He started the last three games of the season last year and showed a consistent pattern in his first pre-season game vs the Steelers. So, to make this a fair QB competition, we need to see what we have with John Beck against an upper-tier defense, Baltimore. It provides no insight strutting Beck out late in the 2nd quarter when Ravens starters are gassed and starting to get subbed out. Even when Grossman is on fire, like the second half of that Dallas game last year, he made some bad decisions including that red zone lob to the corner that was nearly picked off. Again, we know what we have with Rexy.
  2. Grossman tipped Shanahan's hand. In the open locker room on Monday, when Grossman was asked if he would be the starter, he replied ,"I just work here." That doesn't sound like a starting Quarterback to me.
  3. The Colts defense is laughable. Not to mention Freeney and Mathis only played a few series. Beck proved he can play at the JV level, if he's going to face the Giants week one, it's imperative he faces the Varsity squad: Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed, and the Ravens.

Anyone want to bet against me?