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Daily Slop: 2 #Redskins are in Top 6 of Most Forced Turnovers Last 5 Years


Redskins notes: Will Landry be ready for the opener? | John Keim
Laron Landry: "It happens. Better [the hamstring] happens now than going into the season. My Achilles is fine, I was ready to go. I couldn’t wait. Now I’ve just got to wait and see what happens."

Barry Cofield: "My job is to make sure London Fletcher has 200 tackles. If he has any less than that I’ll be disappointed."

DALY: Redskins' Atogwe quietly goes about being among the best - WaTimes
Over last 5 years, Atogwe has forced 3rd most turnovers (Woodson, Ed Reed 1-2)...DHall is ranked 6th. That's some mighty fine Kool-Aid there. MUST READ.

The Redskins Blog | ‘Dead-Man-Suit 2011 Award’ Is Ready And Waiting
Today is the Redskins Luncheon....sorry I am missing it. Had a great time last year.

The Redskins Blog | DMV Has An Earth-Shaking Moment [Updated]
All the players twitter reactions from the Quake.

The Redskins Blog | WHL: John Beck Plays The Piano
“I really like that song on the piano,” Beck says, “so I went on YouTube, typed in ‘Learn how to play the intro to Don’t Stop Believin’ and there you go.” (From Redskins Luncheon last year)

Redskins' Terrence Austin wants to avoid repeat of disappointment - Washington Times
"As long as he’s doing what he’s doing," Moss said, "he shouldn’t have a problem."

Giants offseason timeline of awfulness – Blogging the bEast
This reads like a war report....brutal.

Moss: Continuity will make a difference - The Insider - The Washington Post
"This is my seventh year, and we’ve never had the chance to grasp an offense," said Moss, who last season had 93 catches for 1,115 yards and six touchdowns last season. "It was always change here, change coordinators, change this and that. This is one of those moments when we actually feel like we have an advantage now because we really have this offense in our hands for a second year now and have a chance to do something with it."

ESPN’s Scouts Inc’s top 200 NFL players – Blogging the bEast
Cooley, Orakpo, and London Fletcher make the list for Skins. Best # is 119. Ouch.

Scouting Notebook: ‘Mario Williams, Endbacker’ does not have a good ring to it - Shutdown Corner
Moving Mario Williams to 3-4 LB at this point in his career looks to be disastrous. Andre Carter anyone?

RJ: Training Camp Day 27 | Fatpickled
Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.

Bill Belichick wants the extra point & kickoff to die - Shutdown Corner
The 2010 Tampa Bay Bucs would disagree. Ugh.

Video: Hazing is alive and well at Tennessee Titans camp - Shutdown Corner

Ohio Man Rams A Store With A Semi Truck So He Can Steal An $800 Synthetic Vagina
If you don't see any articles from Parks Smith here for awhile, this is why.