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Redskins and the Alleged Miami Scandal

Not that the alleged Nevin Shapiro and University of Miami scandal should be breaking news to anyone, but how has the scandal affected former Canes that play on the Redskins? And will affect anyone on the team in the future? First off the Redskins have four former members of the "U" on their roster: Santana Moss, Rocky McIntosh, Phillip Buchanon, and rookie Leonard Hankerson. If you haven't seen the work Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel have put together regarding the scandal, then I highly recommend it.

So far Rocky McIntosh is the only current Redskin to come up in the Yahoo piece. Nevin Shaprio talked about Rocky himself:

"Rocky McIntosh was a kid that I got along real good with. He was always present when we were in the nightclubs. I remember one moment specifically, we were at club Mansion and D.J. Irie was passing the mic around to me, and I was introducing all the ballplayers. I remember announcing Roger McIntosh from South Carolina."

Beyond appearances at bars, clubs, yachts, receiving drinks, etc. the other allegation tied to Rocky is that he received a $500 bounty from Shapiro in a game against West Virginia in 2005 where he had two sacks and recovered a fumble. Also Shapiro's phone records show multiple text messages between Rocky and himself in 2008 and 2009. Here is how Rocky responded to the allegations:

"I don’t know nothing about that, I got to go,"

Beyond McIntosh the only allegations that have popped up regarding the Redskins are of legendary safety Sean Taylor. Shapiro says Taylor had the same luxurious party scene amenities given to McIntosh but he also gave Taylor $15,000 in jewelery, $3,000 in bounties, and also knew Taylor was being paid by Axcess Sports, by current UFL commissioner Michael Huyghue.

Truthfully from both Taylor and McIntosh's perspective I don't see anything tremendously egregious here.  Rather two kids being prayed on by a complete slime ball. Hopefully there won't be any allegations in the future regarding Moss, Hankerson, Buchanon, or even ex-Skins like Clinton Portis for that matter.