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Daily Slop: Collection of Redskins/Colts Game Previews

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Redskins-Colts preview | John Keim | Washington Examiner
Keys to the game

Cooley on the Junkies just now: "My knee wasnt responding to the swelling. I went to Dr. Andrews for another view. Takes time for a bone bruise to heal. It's likely I won't play in any of the preseason games. It's very likely I'll play in week 1. I'll do what everyone tells me to do."

Redskins vs. Colts: Five things to watch - The Insider
Beck, Helu, Terrence Austin, Kerrigan's progress, Clint Stitser

Colts don't dwell on preseason record, keep eye on when it counts | The Indianapolis Star
It's clear the Colts don't care much about this game. 

John Beck: ‘I believe in me’ - DC Sports Bog - WaPost
On the verge of an NFL preseason start, Redskins quarterback tells NFL Network ‘and I just want to be the best quarterback that I can be for this football team.’

T. Williams on Jarvis Jenkins: 'He plays like a vet'
Trent Williams and Jim Haslett weigh in on the Redskins rookie as Chick Hernandez reports on Jarvis Jenkins.

Barnes ready to take the next step
Redskins defensive back Kevin Barnes has a new number (22) and new responsibilities this season. CSN's Chick Hernandez talks with the former Terps about what to expect from his third NFL season.

Ryan Kerrigan eyes growth in homecoming game - The Insider
Ryan will be playing in front of about 20 family members and friends.

The Redskins Blog | A Trip Home For Indiana’s Native Son
"I get to see my Mom and Dad....I think some people are gonna come out and watch," he said, "but being a rookie free agent, I’m not buying anyone any tickets."

The Redskins Blog | Jarvis Jenkins’s Weekend At Burney’s II
Video of Jarvis Jenkins doing the Bernie.

New Payoff Allegations in Haynesworth Case | NBC Washington
According to a new government filing, Albert Haynesworth, through his attorney, tried to influence the outcome of a misdemeanor sex abuse case by offering the complaining witness money.

Eagles safety Nate Allen has rough showing in defeat
The Eagles draft pick from the McNabb trade. This makes me happy.

HomerMcFanboy " about ESPN’s redskins two-a-days
Murf blasts Mike & Mike...and deservingly so. I can't remember the last time I watched least 5 months.

Seattle Seahawks' Russell Okung back in limited practice - ESPN
Pete Carroll saying Okung is one or two weeks away. Blogs " Blog Archive Steelers lose Scott, Gilbert to knee injuries "
Steelers lost 2 Left Tackles last night, including their starter and backup, the 2nd round pick.