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Roster Battles: Cornerback

Cornerback is another position that has changed considerably since the start of training camp. Last week we saw a tough battle that will be shaping up over the course of the next three weeks.  Here are our original CB rankings from the beginning of training camp.

1. DeAngelo Hall
2. Kevin Barnes
3. Byron Westbrook
4. Brandyn Thompson
5. Reggie Jones
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Here is how the race stands now:

DeAngelo Hall (NC/10): Hall almost got beat deep courtesy of Mike Wallace, but he showed his spunk and grit and getting into with Maurkice Pouncey

Josh Wilson (UP/9): Wilson also nearly got burnt also, but he was pretty solid the rest of his time in the game.  He showed he should be the starter opposite of DHall.

Kevin Barnes (DOWN/7): Nothing to do with Barnes' performance just the added competition.  I thought Barnes looked impressive in Phillip Buchanon's normal role at nickle, he got to Roethlisberger once and then London Fletcher came in to finish him off.

Phillip Buchanon (*): Buchanon didn't play, likely because of his suspension, but I still expect him to have a roster spot.

Reggie Jones (UP/5): Jones really impressed me in the second half and was one of the few reserve DBs to register a tackle.


Byron Westbrook (NC/4): Westbrook was underwhelming on Friday and needs to step it up to remain a Redskin.

Brandyn Thompson (DOWN/2): Was hoping to see more of #40 Friday, maybe we'll see more versus the Colts this week.

Dante Barnes (NC/2): The former Norfolk State Spartan has his work cut out for him to make the team.