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Should Shanny Call an Old Friend?

The whole James Davis situation is a bit odd but it's not really a bid deal because, well, it's James Davis.  Anyways, I was watching the Texans-Jets game Monday night and one thing became incredibly evident: the Texans have NO running back depth this year.  Both Steve Slaton and Ben Tate are banged up and show no real signs of getting back any time soon.  The only thing they have serviceable right now is some guy named Chris Ogbonnaya and 30 year old journeyman Derrick Ward.

It occurred to me that I know a team that has some young running back depth and it's right here in Washington.  Would it make sense for the Shannys to try to work over an old friend in Gary Kubiak and try to garner a draft pick by sending them one of our borderline running backs? Maybe run the hell out of Royster, Draughn, or another depth guy this week to audition them for Houston? Or maybe just send them over James Davis, who is still under contract, and bring back a 7th rounder. I'm sure there are plenty of FA bodies Houston can pick up and their depth may not really be that much in question in terms of the regular season, but this could be an interesting opportunity for Bruce Allen to grab some value for basically nothing.