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Roster Battles: Inside Linebacker

Does Rocky McIntosh have a spot on the 2011 version of the Redskins?
Does Rocky McIntosh have a spot on the 2011 version of the Redskins?

Much has changed since our original Inside Linebacker ranking at the beginning of training camp, players have been added to the roster and some have been booted out of Ashburn. With our first look at the defensive unit last Friday night it's still not sure who will start alongside veteran London Fletcher. Here our our original rankings:

1. London Fletcher
2. Lorenzo Alexander
3. Perry Riley
4. HB Blades
5. Robert Henson
6. Eric McBride
7. Kyle McDonnell
Previous Rankings Article can be found HERE

London Fletcher (NC/10): London was London Friday night, a complete animal and all over the place in his brief time with the first unit.

Lorenzo Alexander (DOWN/9): This has nothing to do with LoAx's performance, but is there a small chance a younger guy can take his place? He's the ultimate swiss army knife for Mike Shanahan, but you never know...

Perry Riley (DOWN/8): Once again, nothing to do with his performance rather the addition of several other linebackers to the competition.  Riley didn't wow anyone, but he did look solid and could be our starter opening day.

Keyaron Fox (UP/5): Fox looked the most comfortable with his position out of the reserve ILB. I've said this before this week, but he reminded me of Albert Fincher who was a preseason stud for the Skins a couple of years back. Nevertheless, Fox has quite an uphill battle to crack this roster.


Rocky McIntosh (DOWN/5): Rocky looked out of place Friday night, frankly I'm still shocked we resigned him and he agreed to it. He just doesn't seem to fit the system, but could be a dark horse for opening day starter. 

H.B. Horatio Blades (DOWN/4): Blades' story echos that of Rocky's, why is he back?  He looked out of place and was very underwhelming Friday.

Obi Ezeh (NC/2) and Eric McBride (DOWN/2): Don't remember seeing either Friday night (maybe a little of Ezeh?). But I'd like to see what both could do.  McBride is officially listed as a OLB, but I really think this kid could crack a NFL roster as a ILB somewhere.