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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. While I refuse to get too carried away over a preseason game, it is currently the only action which we can judge our team on thus far and therefore most reviews this week will be generally positive. That said, I am still rather blown away. I have watched over half of all of the preseason games thanks to NFL Network and I think this is the truth: Not many first units looked as good as ours did in the first week of the preseason.

2. You know what I saw that stood out the most when I watched Washington on Friday night? They had a sense of purpose. It was like they knew what they wanted to do. On offense, there was a lot of style and efficiency. On defense, it looked like it wasn't our first day on the job. Cue the chorus: "But it's only preseason." For the upper echelon teams in the NFL, progress is rarely made in the first week of the preseason. For teams like the Redskins, progress is a life or death necessity in the first week of the preseason. Progress was on display last Friday.

3. I have asked you all this question before: What chances does Mike Sellers have of making this team? Right now, they don't look so good...unless--and I don't like this thought at all--Chris Cooley's injury is more serious and lingering than everyone thinks. Darrel Young looked pretty good, and while I spent little time analyzing his blocking performance, it would be fair to suggest he factored in the success of our rushing attack.

4. We have all by now heard the rumors that Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth could be released by New England prior to the season. I personally don't believe that but let me state for the record that Chad Ochocinco would NOT be a good signing for our team. Sure, he would be an upgrade talent-wise. But our team right now seems to be thriving on their budding identity--that of a hard-working, under-the-radar group. Bringing in a guy like Chad would throw that off. Further, I don't think he would make our offense that much better. By that, I mean that our offense will go as far as our offensive line takes it. Santana Moss, Anthony Armstrong and the receiving corps that surrounds them will be able to handle the load on the outside just fine.

5. Today's game will be the "I can't believe we passed on that guy in the draft"--a game everyone loves to play. You all know how much I loved our draft and so you all should know that I play this game just for fun. That said...Robert Quinn looks like he is going to be a major player in this league. I watched the Colts-Rams game and I kept my eyes firmly planted on #94 for the Rams when they were on defense. He is very impressive and I would be shocked if we aren't watching highlights of him all year on ESPN. He went 14th overall, so we did have a shot at him. Was there a player that you saw this weekend that made you think: "We passed on HIM!!??"

6. I blame myself for Hankerson's miscues on Friday. I put too much pressure on him and it simply wasn't fair. I am easing back on the throttle this week in the hopes that the kid relaxes a bit and starts to make some noise. His development and success are crucial to our rebuild. Hank the Tank will get it figured out. Bank on it.