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Daily Slop: Injury Updates & Coaches' Quotes from Steelers Game

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Bank on it: Redskins returner looking good | John Keim
Banks is not really on any bubble. "I love the guy and I will stand on the table for him," special teams coach Danny Smith said. "He’s damn good; he’s electric."

The Redskins Blog | Injury Forecast Is Mostly Cloudy
On Brandon Banks hitting the stationary bike today: "[His knee] was a little sore. The doctors thought it was better to give it a day of rest and he had [his knee drained]. It’s not as bad as before so it’s getting much better."

Rick Snider: It's nice to have options | WaExaminer | NFL

London Fletcher still has tight hamstring & is not practicing today

The Redskins Blog | ‘Skins Beat The Yinz
Will Montgomery: "There are some Pro Bowlers on their defensive front.  I don’t think they were ready for a team like us.  The way we run outside zone is different from most other teams.  Other teams like to run more inside stuff.  I think they might not have been ready for what we were going to do."

DeAngelo Hall is growing a beard - DC Sports Bog
"[My girl] hates it, my kids hate it, but until we win some games and put a little streak together, I’m not gonna cut it."

First Impressions - Steelers @ Redskins |
Pro Football Focus' Khaled Elsayed offers some thoughts on the Pittsburgh / Washington preseason game. He did not like Trent Williams' performance but Fred Davis shined.

Quick Hits: Beck returns to practice - The Insider - The Washington Post
Backup guard Artis Hicks returned to action after missing much of last week with a mild concussion.

Oshiomogho Atogwe hopes to return soon - The Insider
"Really don’t know. Day by day," Shanahan said Sunday. "I’ll let you guys know when he’s ready to go. I don’t think it will be too long."

Quick-Hitters: Sunday at Redskins Park " CBS Washington
Shanahan on OLine: "You’ve got five or six guys working together on every play. I was impressed with our guys. That was the leading rushing defense, front seven, in the NFL. They were all there and they were there for 20 plays so you get 20 plays and you’re averaging about five yards per-carry against an excellent defensive front. You’re feeling pretty good."

The Redskins Blog | The Defensive Stock Market
Moore filled in for an injury-riddled safety position last year, but the development of Chris Horton and DeJon Gomes will make him expendable if he can’t return to the field soon.

The Redskins Blog | Chris Neild Still Learning
"We had practiced getting the tempo of the offense, and then coming here and facing more of the power run game, it was definitely different," he admitted.  "They like to pound the ball, I’ll tell you that. Luckily we came out on top today."

HomerMcFanboy " simply put, lorenzo alexander can do it all
(On if he misses playing DL) "Nooooooo," Alexander said. "Not at all. I was like 285 lbs., and I had to block guys much bigger than me. I definitely don’t miss those days at all. I like being able to use my athleticism more and I really like to hit people."

Shayne Graham's release leaves Washington Redskins with 1 kicker - ESPN

Osi to practice Monday despite Giants 'unacceptable' offer
Osi Umenyiora will make his training camp practice debut Monday when the Giants hit the field. Umenyiora told the Associated Press that he will practice and will play under his old contract. Falcons NT Peters carted off with leg injury


San Francisco 49ers to bring in Daunte Culpepper for workout - ESPN
And I thought our QB situation was bad. I watched the SF game in full and Alex Smith might be the worst QB in the NFL including backups.