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Redskins vs. Steelers First Thoughts: This Looks Like An Actual Football Team

The Washington Redskins played a great...preseason game. Still, there is lots to celebrate for Redskins fans.
The Washington Redskins played a great...preseason game. Still, there is lots to celebrate for Redskins fans.

I can't remember the last time I sat down to watch a game where my expectations were lower than they were last night. 

When you combine the lack of the offseason, the youth and inexperience up and down the Washington roster and the fact that the reigning AFC champions seemingly never have an off night against us, the game promised to be a long one for us. But from the very first plays, it was clear that the Redskins were going to provide some entertainment.

I won't get too carried away over a preseason game, but I think for where we are, getting excited about a preseason game is a necessary step. If it wasn't for Osaka, maybe we could get a little more crazy.

On offense, Rex Grossman looked like he has been playing in this offense for a while. Tim Hightower ran hard against a group of men who may not have game-planned for him, but they are still the Pittsburgh defense. Santana Moss was on the same page as Rex. And the offensive, they looked a lot better than I was expecting.

The defense looked like they knew what they wanted to do, and they were fairly successful getting it done. Ben Roethlisberger was uncomfortable and the Steelers sent out the punter early and often thanks to big third down plays made by our defense.

Mike Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan and Jim Haslett did exactly what they set out to do: they put a bunch of players in position to succeed. They will no doubt find plenty of things to critique this week, but overall, they had to like the effort they saw on the field. Aside from Graham Gano taking a big lead in the kicking battle, there looks to be some real competition for spots on the roster.

Finally, unlike last season, the schemes employed by our coaches seemed to mesh a lot better with our personnel. Watching guys play in positions they are comfortable in and can succeed in can be a real pleasure, right?

My expectations were low, but I can't remember the last time the Redskins so wildly exceeded them.