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Win $200 worth of Redskins tickets

You wouldn't believe the number of emails I get a day people asking me to promote stuff on Hogs Haven. Ken and I are pretty stern about keeping the Hogs Haven front page as ad-free as possible, but SB Nation passed on this opportunity for anyone to win free tickets. I get emails for 100 ticket sites a day, but this site, TiqIQ, actually is pretty decent. Mainly because it hooks into eBay, which is where I normally do my pre-scalping checks anyway. If you need Redskins tickets, give it a look as even the home opener vs NYG has good deals.

To win $200 worth of tickets to a game of your choice in the TiqIQ NFL Kickoff contest. "Like" our Tickets Facebook page and then predict the following for the week 1 game versus the NY Giants on the FB page:

  1. Give the Final score of the 1st game, and winner
  2. Who will score the 1st TD in the game
  3. Yards for the 1st TD