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The Redskins Team Store is Tiffanys Compared to Browns & Bills Team Stores

Redskins Team Store is lacking marketability, but that's OK (I won't say the "r" word).
Redskins Team Store is lacking marketability, but that's OK (I won't say the "r" word).

A routine time killer for me is poking around the Redskins team store to see the various prices of players jerseys (or even what jerseys are for sale). In what is a surprise to no one, the Redskins jersey section is pretty depressing. There's 4 different type of jersey sections consisting of Home/Away and Authentic/Replica.

The Home Replicas had the most options, so let's stick with that. In 18 total jerseys (excluding Sean Taylor and "ANY NAME"), here's the run-down:

  • 4 are no longer on the team (Portis, Haynesworth, McNabb, and Carlos)
  • 1 is Malcolm Kelly with his old #12 number (why did they print these in the first place?)
  • 4 are role players (Banks, Horton, Torain, Kareem Moore)
  • No rookie jerseys yet (Kerrigan, Hankerson, etc)
Clearly, options are thin but for those looking for new jerseys: Landry, Fletcher, Orakpo, Trent Williams, and Moss are quality options. The obvious missing position is Quarterback. Clearly, it makes sense to hold off printing Grossman or Beck jerseys. If you're owner of the Redskins, what changes do you make? 

I checked some other team stores and we have it good compared to the Cleveland Browns. Their options are: Joe Thomas, Cribbs, Colt McCoy, and Peyton Hillis. That's it. OH WAIT....unless you want cheaper deals on...wait for it....Brady Quinn, Jamal Lewis, Kamerion Wimbley, Braylon Edwards, and Derek Anderson!!! At least McNabb and Haynesworth were on our team last year. All these guys were 2009 and earlier. 

The Carolina Panthers actually have a lot of decent jerseys with Cam Newton, Steve Smith, Beason, DeAngelo Williams...heck, even John Kasay! I'm not sure I would have printed the Shockey ones, but oh well.

The Bills jersey store is depressing as well.  CJ Spiller, Dareus, or Ryan Fitzpatrick? I'd have to go throw-back.

If I'm the Redskins owner, the first thing I do is get Kerrigan and Hankerson's jerseys in the store. They created a lot of buzz early at camp, so why not make some scratch off that excitement? If somehow John Beck wins the starting job, I still don't think I can print his jersey. I imagine the minimum order is pretty high and given his age and ceiling, I just don't see the value there.