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Redskins Round Table - Rookie Discussion

There was a poll question that was posted on Hogs Haven during the summer asking how many of the players selected in the draft this year would actually make the final roster, the majority of people who answered thought that number would be 7 or more. How many of the drafted rookies do you believe will make the team after hearing/seeing how they have done in camp so far?


These type of questions are really tough given no games have been played, having said that, Kerrigan, Jenkins, Hankerson, and Helu are all locks. I don't see Neild making the team. WR competition has 4 guys locked in and that leaves little room for Banks, Austin, Niles Paul, and Aldrick Robinson. Figuring Banks is already a year in this system, I put him in the others and add Niles Paul too.

Markus White I think cracks the team and the rest get cut.


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In terms of how the team handles it's rookies, I can envision them doing a lot of what they did in 2010. They could practice squad a number of players, with the hope of eventually bringing them up somewhere down the road. 

As far as how many will make the roster for Week 1? I'd say there's a good chance Kerrigan, Jenkins, Hankerson, Helu, Paul make it on there. Brandyn Thompson, Chris Nield, DJ Gomes and Markus White look to be on the outside looking in at this point. As for Aldrick Robinson, Evan Royster, and Maurice Hurt, I'd say it's a 50/50 chance based on how their preseason goes and if there are any injury situations at those positions. 

So right now? I'd say 7 is a good bet. 





I'm going to go out on a limb a bit and say that 10 of our drafted rookies make it, and an 11th in UDFA offensive tackle Willie Smith. I think the top four picks are obvious locks, but they will have plenty of rookie company. I feel defensive back DeJon Gomes is near a lock to make this team, as both Kareem Moore and Chris Horton have had plenty of time to impress the coaches and since they are impending free agents they don't have a lot of upside. Wide receiver Niles Paul has been impressive at camp so far, and he has big time upside making him a lock. Aldrick Robinson could face a numbers game at the receiver position, but if the Skins keep six, I think he has a real shot given his special teams potential. Evan Royster could face a numbers game as well, but given the questionable health of Torain and the fumbling issues with Hightower, I think it is quite possible. 


As for the 7th rounders’ I feel that all four could have a legitimate shot, but likely only two will be kept. CB Brandyn Thompson appears to be on the outside looking in for the 5th corner role, but he is definitely still in the mix. Guard Maurice Hurt is already moving ahead of some of last year's rookies and looks to have a strong shot at making the team. Outside linebacker Markus White could make it if they keep four outside linebackers, but he isn't a lock. And nose tackle Chris Neild is definitely in the mix. 


In the end a lot is going to come down to how many players the Redskins keep at certain positions. Ten could end up being high, but I have a feeling Shanahan and Allen will try to keep as many as possible. 




Now, I generally don't know jack about this but I'll give it a go. I am going with Kerrigan, Jenkins, Hank the Tank, Helu, and Niles. I think Nield and Aldrick are practice squad bound. The surprise could end up being that Evan Royster makes the team. 




It’s real early to be fully sure, but I believe that 7-8 of the drafted rookies could make the team. A quick glance at the depth chart as it stands now Chris Hurt appears in position to possibly make the team with Ryan Kerrigan, Jarvis Jenkins, Leonard Hankerson and Roy Helu all seeming to be locks at this point. From what I have heard Jenkins has impressed in camp thus far and looks to be a steal, I have said since we drafted him I thought he was the guy who made Da’Quan Bowers look so good in college. Niles Paul is in some tough competition to make the team but I believe he will, Aldrick Robinson, Chris Neild and Thompson seem destined for the practice squad. DJ Gomes is a question mark at this point as Coach Shanahan has said it is going to take time for him, could go either way but I think he will see the practice squad as well.


I believe that Markus White and Evan Royster are on the bubble and need some playing time to prove if they can make the team or not, so I am going to call these two guys maybe’s at this point, injuries in the preseason could lead to them both making the team.