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Roster Battles: Inside Linebackers

Robert Henson needs to get on the field before his job is seriously in jeopardy.
Robert Henson needs to get on the field before his job is seriously in jeopardy.

We are a couple of days into camp now and getting ever closer to the preseason opener.  There are a lot of great roster battles going on including wide receiver, running back, cornerback, offensive line, and increasingly interesting inside linebacker spot.  At first it seemed like there would just be two horses vying for the spot, Robert Henson and Perry Riley, but there are some other potential names moving up the list.  We will keep track of this battle over the next couple of weeks, but here is how we lay it down right now:

London Fletcher (10): London is the heart and soul of this team and obviously is not going anywhere. If only we could install London's heart in all the guys on this team.

Lorenzo Alexander (10): LoAx has a roster spot tied down, but it has still yet to be determined where he will play. All signs point to ILB, but things could change in the future. Versatility is beautiful though. 

Perry Riley (8): The confusion with LoAx's positioning stems from Riley taking first team snaps next to Fletcher over the course of training camp. Maybe Riley is set to become the starter in his second year? Maybe the Skins will use a rotation?

H.B. Blades (6): The fact that Blades was resigned means a lot. He'll be entering his fifth season as a Skin and should have a leg up on the injured Henson.

Robert Henson (5): It seems like this guy cannot stay healthy, he's currently on the PUP and is forced to watch from the sidelines as Riley and others get the lions share of the reps.

Eric McBride (4): McBride was a stud at the University of Richmond and it was surprising that he wasn't drafted late in April. At 6'2, 228lbs some saw him as a OLB, but McBride will be competing at ILB.  This past year he was the CAA Co-defensive Player of the Year. Last year he registered 126 tackles for the Spiders.

Kyle O'Donnell (3): This kid is a work-horse and greatly improved over his time as a Liberty Flame. He could challenge for a spot with McBride if Henson cannot get on the field and could be especially valuable on special teams. He was a workout warrior and a team captain at Liberty.