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Report: Redskins Have Bieber Fever for Braylon Edwards

Evan Silva, a popular NFL writer for Pro Football Talk, NBC Sports, and Rotoworld, recently tweeted:

ESPN's John Clayton on free agent Braylon Edwards: "Watch for Washington to make a big bid." #Redskins

A few thoughts. How would anyone know this? Is this simply the media doing the same ole, "The Redskins always go after big named players, so expect them to go after Braylon?" Or, as Rick Snider said, is this agents working their magic through the media to drive up the price for the clients? So many big-named players are linked to The Danny. It is what it is. If the Redskins don't bring back Santana Moss, then they certainly need a non-rookie there.

The former Jet and Brown has only had one 1000 yard season in his career. That's not too much of a knock since he was with Cleveland 5 years and got 904 yards last year with the Jets. Edwards led the league in dropped balls in 2009 with 16, but it appears last year he only dropped 1.

Also well known are his legal issues, which include: driving 120 in a 65mph, punching a party promoter in the face (I'm OK with this one since the promoter was a friend of Lebron), and a DWI, which he is still on probation for. Based on the Redskins move to bring in high-character guys, the Edwards signing would surprise me a little.

Last year he signed a 1-year, $6.1million and is a free agent currently.