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Report: Haynesworth Wants to Go to Philly; Redskins Will Not Release Him

Via PhillySportsDaily:

"They are not going to cut him," said one source with knowledge of the situation. "If the Eagles or anyone else wants him it is going to have to be by trade. Because if they cut him, that's giving him his way."

It makes sense. It would be a huge disaster to cut Haynesworth and let him play for Philly for four simple reasons:

  1. Releasing Haynesworth means he would likely get an incentive-based contract, which means he'd basically be playing in contract-year mode.
  2. Haynesworth of course played with Washburn in Tennessee and the two have a solid relationship.
  3. Haynesworth vs Rabach two times a year will be a disaster.
  4. Haynesworth has a cheap contract the next 2 seasons. That alone has trade value.
Is everyone on the same page with me that management is doing the right thing shelving Haynesworth? The only way I see this playing out is Haynesworth continuing to disrupt the team with minimal efforts in training camp.

I really want to know what happens when Snyder and Haynesworth pass each other in the hallways. It's pretty much a well-known lesson in life to never pay for anything in full upfront. Ah well.