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Hogs Haven Community GM: Quarterback

Yesterday we had our first instance where the community selected to sign no one in regards to the inside linebacker spot. Signing no one won by less than 10 votes over Bills' linebacker Paul Posluszny, Rocky McIntosh and Bucs linebacker Barrett Ruud were also in the mix. Here is a refresher on who has been signed so far:

Players Signed
Ryan Harris, RT: 6 Years, $5 Million
Jonathan Joseph, CB: 6 Years, $12 Million
Aubrayo Franklin, NT: 4 Years, $8 Million
Davin Joseph, G, 6 years, $7 Million
Santana Moss, WR, 3 years, $5.5 Million

Currently we are still left $28.5 million dollars to spend on free agency, and today we take a look at the quarterback position. For all intensive purposes please assume the Skins have signed a UDFA at QB (Devlin, Tolzien) to go along with John Beck, but there is still one spot open at the QB position. This is yet another opportunity to be super Vinnyrific.