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Redskins Will (Likely) Go Into 2011 With Zero Of NFL Networks 'Top 100' Players

Lets face it: People in sports love countdowns. People love to debate the best (or worst) player, team, or moment in their tenure as sports fans.

Count the folks at The NFL Network as those who love countdowns too, as they concluded their countdown Sunday night of the NFL's 'Top 100 of 2011' , a list of the best NFL players in the game today. The votes for this list were made exclusively by NFL players. Now, for the purposes of accuracy, not every player in the NFL was asked to vote for this list, as it appears that only a select few got to vote for their 'Top 100'. So this isn't exactly a league wide accolade we're talking about.

Unfortunately for the Redskins, they only have one player on that list, and it's Donovan McNabb. He was voted the 100th best player in the league, and he very well could be. But as we all know, it's very unlikely we'll see McNabb in a Redskins uniform ever again.

So, without McNabb on the roster, it looks like the Redskins will go into the 2011 season without a single player that was voted a Top 100 player. 

But the Redskins aren't the only team with that distinction. They join the Bills, Bengals and Seahawks as teams that will not field a player this year who made the list. 

So what does this mean? Not a whole lot, really. Lists like these say something most already knew: Teams like the Redskins don't have a ton of top end talent.

This list also has a very Pro Bowl-ish feel to it, in that it's a popularity contest and the guys with the bigger name (Ed Reed the 5th best player?) were ranked higher than one would expect. When you look at the complete list, there were definitely more than a fair share of head-scratchers.

List or no list, though, one thing is very clear, and that's if the Redskins win in the near future, accolades like this will probably take care of themselves.