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Tuesday Afternoon Backup Quarterback -- To Punt or Not To Punt?

So last week we started this column with the intention of lightening the mood a little and getting the contributions flowing from the Hogs Haven faithful. After all, in a few weeks (I hope) we will need to be at our commenting best, as the debate here will rage once again.

But given my somewhat deliberate stirring of the pot this morning concerning the crimes of Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress, I know we definitely need a new debate to get our minds turned back on something football-related. I want to say that as usual, I am extremely pleased with the manner in which we engaged each other on a delicate topic. I think it is safe to say that we can all agree on one thing: Kevin's crimes against fashion must end immediately.

Today's ridiculous TABQ topic: In 2011, do you expect to see 4th down attempts increase or decrease? This question has many, many possible directions and bases for opinion and conjecture. How far away are we from seeing a team carry ZERO full-time punters? Five years? Ten years? Never? I mean, if we had a backup receiver or quarterback that could punt combined with a more aggressive 4th down philosophy, would that give a coach license to dress an extra offensive lineman or linebacker? Also, will the lockout have an influence on offenses being more or less conservative?

For your consideration--for what it's worth: the Redskins were 50% (6-12) on 4th downs in 2010. They ranked 24th in 4th downs attempted and 19th in amount of 4th downs converted (12th I think in the league in conversion percentage.)