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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays -- Roy Helu, Hank the Tank and Plaxico vs. Vick

1. I ran into THREE Cowgirls fans this past weekend, separately and in different situations. What I was most amazed about was not that none of them was wearing any Dallas gear, though that was amazing. It was not that they were easy to talk to--also a little bit amazing. It was that when I asked the question, "Why are you a Cowgirls fan?" they all answered the same way: Roger Staubach. It was rather uncanny. Each of them had a Roger Staubach story that culminated in them being "hooked." Each of them hailed from the D.C. area. While I have little patience for Washington-area folks rooting for Dallas, I did think it noteworthy that three different people from three different backgrounds all became Dallas fans because of something having to do with Roger Staubach. It caused me to wonder: "What current or recent Redskins player could have or may have inspired a native Texan to become a Redskins fan?" Be warned...thinking too hard about this question might make you very angry.

2. The closer we get to the end of the lockout, the more convinced I am that the Redskins are going to make some very legitimate free agent signings in an attempt to get back to respectability right away. I think the latter can be achieved without the former, but if done correctly I think it is conceivable that a few relatively young free agents with moderate price tags could make lasting impacts on this club. 

3. If we do sign at least one big ticket player, which one do you want the most? Asomugha? Rice? Is it worth it to overpay/reach for the best linebacker available? I am still inclined to stay away from the big-money wide receivers--mostly because Hank the Tank is going to blow it up in 2011. But paying Asomugha would not be a huge mistake since every defense needs talented corners. Here is my wet dream--we sign BOTH Jonathan Joseph AND Nnamdi Asomugha. With Kerrigan and Orakpo getting after the QB, Hall, Asomugha and Joseph could potentially do some damage in the secondary. A guy can dream, right?

4. Hank the Tank...look for our version of that t-shirt here very soon.

5.  Aside from the unsettled free agent picture and the inevitability of Hankerson's dominance, I am most excited to see how Shanahan deploys Roy Helu. Last season we entered training camp with three older running backs and they all played like...well, older running backs. We were all waiting for Shanahan to work his magic in the draft and deliver us the next great unheralded running back. I am dying to see if Helu is going to materialize as that guy.

6. I ask this week's question with a small amount of trepidation because it might hit the wrong chord with certain people. I found myself internally debating it and then actually kicked it around with a few folks who surprised me with their answers. I figured it was something I would like to kick around at Hogs Haven. The question is: Which crime was worse--Plaxico's crime or Vick's crime? Your usual thoughtful and sensitive responses are most appreciated here. Both crimes were very serious in nature. Both men have paid a dear price for their actions. I just remain fascinated by the debate here. Vick has seemingly paid a steeper price in the court of public opinion, and given the gruesome nature and imagery of his crimes, it is not surprising. But every time I think about the fact that a loaded gun inadvertently fired in a public place, I get shivers.